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1 Year Anniversary

The Chinese App has almost gone a year from its first release on 11/07/14. I have added a new method for saving unknown cards with a green check and a red x and added hints on the top and bottom of what is above a card and what is below it.

AP Vocab

Added more vocabulary in the Advanced Placement section on Environment, Geography, and Food

No Longer forced to only see cards you didn't know

I have added the option so that you no longer can only see cards you didn't know but can also choose to continuously go through the same deck.

I've also fixed a bug so that know choosing "Keep Constant Side" will work and not crash the app.

Added Movie Vocab

I added vocabulary from the movies Fearless and Chinese Odyssey to Chinese 1 and 2, respectively.

Chinese Notecards

My first app is published! Thank you to all who have downloaded it! You can also download it directly here.